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Garantibil Garantibil AB Sverige
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Do you want to sell the car? It’s free with us, you get to keep your car during the sales period and you don’t have to deal with hagglers.
Would you like some help?

Contact us below:

we are happy to help you!

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Would you like to buy a car?
Test driven by professionals and tested on
190 points – with a 2-year warranty
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Comprehensive insurance for 2 weeks.

All cars come with 2 weeks of comprehensive insurance.
The cost is included in the price.

Tested on 190 points.

An impartial vehicle inspector goes through the entire car, photographs it from 20 angles and documents any damage.

Two-year used car warranty.

All of the cars come with a 2-year used car warranty. The cost of the warranty is included in the price.

Sell the car? We do the work free of charge!

We test and appraise your car through an impartial vehicle inspector, advertise on Blocket, run an auction for your car and make sure you get paid (value SEK 1,500).
Avoid the hassle. Sell your car through us.
You avoid: Showing the car. Haggling with prospective buyers. Concern over payment. Best of all? It is free of charge!
We test and test drive the car.
We photograph and advertise it.
We are happy to answer difficult questions.
And make sure you get paid.
Buy your car through us. It’s smarter.
You avoid: hidden faults, scammers and know-it-alls. If you like, we can also
help you to finance your car.
Tested on 190 points.
Test-driven by a professional
2-year warranty + comprehensive insurance.
Financed – if you wish.
Test driven
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Buyer, 51 year, Täby
Rysligt imponerande. Det här är ett nytt sätt att göra bilaffärer.
Seller, 32 year, Hägersten
Äntligen är det tryggt och enkelt att sälja bil. Tack för det!
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